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Limoncello is a sweet liqueur, and is appreciated throughout the world.
Limoncello is a liqueur of ancient origins, with home-made preparation, and simple ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar and lemon peel.

The lemons used for preparing Limoncello must come from the Sorrento coast, a wonderful area also because of its particular yellow citrus fruits. The poet Torquato Tasso, born in Sorrento, declaimed the virtues of these precious and fragrant yellow fruits: “With eternal flowers, the fruit of this plant last forever for while one blossoms, another matures”.

limoni della costiera per un limoncello delizioso

Gravity and cost of Limoncello

Typically, limoncello liqueur has an alcohol content of 33° and costs around € 12 per bottle. You need at least six pounds of lemon peels, grown organically without a chemically treated surface to produce one litre of limoncello.

Limoncello Recipe

Preparing Limoncello is simple, just follow this recipe scrupulously.


Limoncello Ingredients

Lemons: 10 medium to large untreated lemons

Water: 1.5 litres

Sugar: 1.2 kg

Alcohol: 1 litre of pure alcohol at 95°


Preparation of Limoncello

  • Wash 10 lemons in warm water.
  • Peel the lemons with a potato peeler. Be careful not to include the white part of the peel: it is bitter and would ruin the flavour.
  • Lay the skins on a cutting board and slice them up into small strips.
  • Pour 750 ml of pure alcohol at 95° into a glass container (pitcher or jug, both are fine).
  • Insert the strips of lemon into the glass container, and leave them to macerate.
  • Seal the glass container and store it in a dark cool place for a month.
  • Once a month has passed, boil one and a half litres of water.
  • Add the 1.2 Kg of sugar to the boiling water.
  • Stir until the sugar dissolves and you get a sort of syrup.
  • Allow the syrup to cool for about fifteen minutes.
  • Pour the cooled syrup into the container with the infused lemon peel.
  • Add remaining 250 ml of alcohol to the infusion.
  • Seal the container and store it in a dark cool place for 40 days.
  • Once those 40 days have passed, open the container, pour the contents into a bottle through a filter.

How to taste limoncello

It is advisable to store the bottle of liqueur in a freezer, to enhance its characteristics and scent, before tasting.